Commitment | NC

Scroll across to see the faces of families that will be affected by Amendment One, then read their stories HERE
1. Vicki Anderson and Jill Hesse
7 years, Garner, NC
2. Becky Burks, Chris, Genia Smith
32 years, Hillsborough, NC
Jax, Shana, Megan and Mary
4 years, Greensboro, NC
3. Brett and Dean
16 years, Chapel Hill, NC
4. Robin Silver and Teri Reeder
8 years, Greensboro, NC
5. Chris Crabtree and Parrish Pace
17 years, Bahama, NC
6. Ed Crabtree and Tim O'Hara
12 years, Durham, NC
Michael McNeill and Neal Blevins
14 years, Durham, NC
Karen, Grady, Emma, Kelli and Evan
17 years, Durham, NC
Cris Rivera and Beth Stringfield
13 years, Durham, NC
8. Suzanne, Annika, Heather, Celie
18 years, Snow Camp, NC
9. Wesley Thompson and Trey Owen
25 years, Charlotte, NC
10. Pam Spaulding and Kate Kassouf
10 years, Durham, NC
Kelly, Jules and Sophie
19 years, Efland, NC
11. Danielle and Angela White
16 years, Durham, NC
12. Tom and Hal
17 years, Siler City, NC
13. Kelly, baby Margaret and Prue
6 years, Durham, NC
14. Ken McLeod and Terry Schadegg
8 years, Winston-Salem, NC
15. Mark Powell and Ron Thompson
19 years, Durham, NC
16. Lewis Dancy and Michael Case
16 years, Durham, NC